Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Musings from 28,000 ft

This is the second of two flight legs smack dab in the middle of this week's itinerary. I flew out of Baltimore Monday afternoon after having arrived to the airport 5 hours earlier. My car is in the shop and I begged a ride from Robin before she went to work in the morning. I truly believe I could have missed my flight just sitting there because I was so tired. People watching helped. Where some folks get their clothing ideas for travel is a mystery to me. Who wears 3 inch heels and a short skirt to lug a suitcase behind her running ass to catch a connecting flight in time? Some really pissed off and miserable woman in Baltimore, that's who. Man I love my comfortable shoes. Right now I'm seated next to a young person who I am guessing to be between 16 and 19 or so. Her hair is ink black with bright copper highlights, held off her face by a white bandana with monster smiley faces staring out with sinister grimaces. Her eyes have been hidden the entire flight by large round plastic sunglasses with thick red frames. I think her lipstick might even match her glasses. I can clearly see from the ripped thread fragments hanging from her plaid hem that her skirt is not of the same shade of red. Her fingernails are painted black. Her white button down oxford shirt bunches only slightly where the black vinyl corset cinches tightly over it. She's reading a thick book and seems very into it. "The 50 Most Notorious Murders". Figures..
I have realized I'm of the generation that is now the older generation that just doesn't "get it" anymore. I don't understand the darkness in kids. How can they be happy when they are so preoccupied by miserey and pain? Is this a different kind of "happy" I've just never experienced? I have to say that when I see kids all decked out in goth and heavy makeup I feel a little sad. I'm not sure if I feel bad for them because of the lonliness I imagine they feel, or if I'm feeling bad because I can't relate to this kid. (Shrug) I do know those 3 inch platform shoes she's wearing are gonna smoke those hooker heels I saw in Baltimore when she's rushing to make her connection. Assuming, of course, that some goth kids do, in fact, hustle when necessary.
Now, as I look out the aircraft window, I'm presented with pillars of thick fluffy clouds. Uh-oh. No sooner am I realizing I had better finish my 6oz of ginger ale while I still can than the first effects of turbulence jostle my cup from its position on the tray table in front of me. It slides a little to the left before I catch it. I take a deep breath and drain my cup. Here we go.
What bumps we experienced were enough to rouse gasps and short yelps quickly smothered by my fellow passengers on board the regional jet. We land shortly thereafter as the crew plants the aircraft hard onto the runway. My bones jostled. Thanks guys - I'm sure that helped.
As I exit the jetway, I'm thankful for my shoes, that I had a light lunch, and another uneventful flight.

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