Monday, September 21, 2009

Draggin' Ass - A Pet Name?

There is this group of bicyclists, you see. They have ridden many of the charity events I support; they on their bicycles, me on my motorcycle. This group - this eclectic collection of cleverly witted intelligence - has aptly named themselves "Team JackAss". There seem to be more of them now than ever before, growing exponentially as one screw up leads to another burst of laughter and another name is born. Smart Ass, Ass Wipe, Wise Ass (my better half), Slow Ass, and even THE Rear Admiral. Many of these names were derived from performance related chicanery during events. Still others are from ephiphany-triggered "AHA!" moments over Black Magics ;o) I, as a mere member of moto and not of the real cyclist ilk, am an honorary member. My name is Draggin' Ass.
Now I'd like to say there are times when it's spelled DRAGON ASS!! Envision a firey show of strength and menace.. Grrrr!!!
..I'd like to say it..
But really, it's because I'm physically exhausted just about all of the time these days. I'm getting older. My grandmother passed away this weekend. She was 88? 89? I wonder if I'll make it that far. I'm on blood pressure medication now - my heart rate wakes me up at night. It's a strange sensation. I have been working nonstop these last few weeks, and when I'm not on travel I'm sitting at my computer working from home. I'm exhausted by the end of every day. And I'm barely moving. My ass is dragging for real...
It's getting old, this getting old thing.


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