Friday, June 12, 2009

One night, at band camp...

Remember the Pensieve, the stone bowl that Dumbledore (From Harry Potter) had in his office? He could pull memories from his mind, using his wand, and place them inside this bowl to keep them. Anyone know where I can get one of these? I've tried CraigsList, eBAY, et al, but nowhere have I found the genuine article. For me, hanging onto memories is like holding sand. It's there for awhile, but as soon as I get distracted (yes - by more and more shiny things), and before I know it, the sand has all slipped through my fingers. Being the 70s/80s child that I am, a soap opera tag line pops into my head "Like sands through the hour glass, so are the Days of Our Lives". I could totally run off on a tangent right now about Marlena and John or Bo and Hope Brady, but that, you see, is the kind of thing that starts the falling sand process... Now, where was I?
Oh right..memories. Last night I had the strangest dream. I was at what I can only describe now as some kind of summer retreat (camp). There were cabins, lean-tos, and paths through the woods to get from one section of the grounds to another. In the center lay the main gathering place -a large cleared space with a well-traveled dirt floor. Common buildings (medical, food, etc) were spaced around the main area against the trees. I don't think I actually saw the lake, but I had a sense it was very close and part of the grounds. I remember taking it all in and having a really nice feeling about being there. I walked through the main area as people were going here and there on various missions. Here's where it gets a little weird. As I walk (and I'm walking alongside someone but can't quite see who that person was), this guy falls in step beside me. Because this is just a dream (although now I'm wondering WHERE in the dredges of my mind did this come from?!?), I'm not at all surprised to see Chris DiPrinzio walking with me. For those of you who have been with me my entire life, you may recall Chris from our elementary school days. He lived across the street from Jimmy Daily (Hi Jim!). So here we were, walking together, and I tugged on his sleeve so he would be close enough so I could rest my hand on his back. We talked and laughed about somthing I have no recollection of, I told him I had missed him, we smiled, and he went on his way to finish whatever it was he had been enroute to do. I believe this kind of thing happened another 4 or 5 times with different people from my past, and as with Chris, I had to touch them all and tell them I missed them. Every single one. I got hugs from most. One instance involved (again) a guy from back then who had been playing with a group of little kids. He had crouched down and come up behind me with his arms spread out side-to-side, and more or less scooped me up until I became the front part of his make believe airplane he was flying for the kids. I extended my arms to match his and we zoomed around a little, then he set me free to continue enchanting them with his story and I continued my journey across what now seems like a never-ending central space, smiling because we had connected.
This morning, my first thought as I remembered the dream was "Geesh! Why was I touching everybody? Good grief!" Robin has since analyzed my dream to some very logical interpretations given some of the things I'm tackling in my life right now. So I'm opening it up to my very opinionated masses. Go ahead, all you insightful people, tell me what you think it all means...


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