Saturday, May 16, 2009

To My Peeps

Hello World.
This morning Robin and I had breakfast with two very special people from my past. Each are miracles in their own right, although neither one would acknowledge such a thing. I guess that's one of many reasons why I admire them both so much - their goodness and humility. After only a short time with them over breakfast (Plato's ROCKS!), Robin completely understood. She couldn't say enough nice things about them once they had continued on their journey north toward home. In fact, I believe she will be better at communicating with them than I have been! I really suck at that. I imagine this behavior causes folks to think I don't really care if I speak to them or not. That's nice, eh? You know who you are - the ones I've known for years and years, whom I've shared so many significant life moments with, yet I can't seem to pick up the phone or write a simple email to you more than a few times a year (at best). And then there are the friends I've made in recent years - some who live minutes away, some who now live far away.. Same deal. If you all could hear how I talk to each of you inside myself at different times it would be easier to understand how often I think of you. I share a lot with each of you in this way - things I see that I know would make you laugh, experiences I have I know you would appreciate, people I meet who remind me of you, and things that bother me that I know you would just "get".
Then I don't take that next step and "use my words", as I've been coaxed to do by those who know me best. There are a few folks who see past my "handicap" and regardless of my poor attentiveness continue to show up day after day to brighten my world. Thank you for that. You really have no idea how important that is to me. But I was reminded this morning of how lucky I am to have such great people in my life. So in my own way, I wanted to say thanks. Thanks for being the great and unique individuals you all are, and for allowing me the honor of sharing my world with you.


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